A full report was commissioned with the following conclusions regarding the six key challenges related to humidity within the indoor environment.

  1. Excessive Humidity. The Desert Spring humidifier system is controlled by a humidistat to regulate humidity levels.
  2. Mineral Build-up. By design the Desert Spring evaporator sheds minerals which are periodically removed by the automated flushing mechanism.
  3. High Energy Consumption. Only 4 watts of power are used to operate the Desert Spring humidifier.
  4. Mold Growth in Standing Water. Potential for mold growth is minimised through periodic water changes facilitated by the automated flush mechanism.
  5. Wasting Water. The Desert Spring humidifier wastes no water in it’s production of humidity.
  6. Maintenance. By design, the Desert Spring requires minimal maintenance and there are no filters / pads / screens to replace.
  7. Professor Tang Lee

    Full Report (PDF - 64KB)

[ Understand that I am not involved with the below mentioned company in any way. I just like the product. ]

One of my big pet peeves is wasted water. I'm not consistent about this since I like long showers but I do have a 750 gallon sistern in my garage feeding my outside spickets. That's a subject for a future thoughts column however.

So because I hate wasting water, my old humidifier annoyed me to no end. If you don't have a humidifier in your home you should consider getting one -- especially if you have forced air heat. Humidity is very important for comfort, plants, furniture, health, etc.. Experts recommend humidity levels in your home of 30-50% through numerous studies. Humid air feels hotter and makes the home more comfortable, keeps wooden furniture and floors from drying out and getting brittle, lowers bacteria levels, etc..

Read why Desert Spring is the choice.

Review by satisifed customer

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Both Desert Springs and the author want you to know that the author has received compensation for writing this article.

Normally I would just have written an unsolicited testimonial along the lines of "Gee, I really love this humidifier." But I wanted to pass on information that wasn't available anywhere else. I had to justify the time to write this piece so I proposed to Desert Springs that I write this article "on spec" and they accepted.

I ask that you accept that I haven't sugarcoated this review. You can Google me (Ralph Shnelvar) and read my political articles. You'll learn that I tell it as I see it.

Review by Ralph Shnelvar

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