"It was an easy install and I am more than happy with the performance. It works better than suggested on line. We are in a 2500sq ft home. The furnace fan runs continuously and the humidity rose from 34% to 52% in less than two days. I now have it stabilized at 42%. I made the right choice buying the Desert Spring Humidifier."

DK, Surry BC

"I wanted this product because it was low maintenance and was priced right. The design was really interesting to me. This product has been amazing and has kept my hardwood in amazing shape. I sleep better and find that my house is not dry in the winter. Everyone needs one of these and your customer service was 10 out of 10. Thanks again for my humidifier."

GL, Calgary AB

"My house is very tight and extremely well insulated and the furnace only runs about four hours a day when the temperature is about 15° F and that includes domestic hot water.  This is a special situation. Your machine is certainly much better than the Aprilaire units.  I had two of them operating and could not keep my house above 26% RH.  Now I am maintaining my entire 8,000 sq ft house at about 35% with only ONE of your machines.  PLUS, I am getting top notch tech support. Many thanks."

FY, Boston MA

"I recently added a hard water filter and AutoFlush to my Desert Spring Rotary Disc humidifier which has been installed since 1998 and has worked very well since then. Our humidity is a normal 25% but the humidifier regulates it quite well at 50%. The concept is great, thank you for providing such a well working unit."

DH, Osoyoos BC

"After trying three other brands over 20 years, I had given up using units due to the extreme calcium build-up and mess I was experiencing. But our home humidity was hovering around 15% this winter and thus I decided to see if anyone had yet invented a "better" approach. I found you and the glowing references and ordered right away. I have to say I have been highly impressed. The unit is everything I had hoped for and more. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!"

KB, Chelsea MI

"I purchased the Rotary Disc Humidifier in 1998 from Sinclair Supplies in Calgary. I am a Licensed Sheet Metal Mechanic since 1981 and have worked in the residential and commercial heating and ventilation industry in Calgary since 1974. Personally I have not installed or seen a humidifier with a better design than your original Rotary Disc model. Two reasons I chose your humidifier when I learned about it was,1) it was simple to clean and maintain, 2) It was energy efficient by not running water down the drain with every call for heat. After installing the humidifier in my own home I have installed several in other peoples’ homes. When ever a friend, acquaintance, or relative has asked to have me install a humidifier, yours has been the only choice. I have an old home with hard wood floors and the humidifier has kept the wood moist every year. Thank You."

DL, Calgary, AB

"Having just gone through my first heating season with your product(and having used numerous other humidifiers over the years), I have to tell you that I am VERY happy with your humidifier. The Auto-Flush system works fantastically well."


"When I first bought your Humidifier, I thought "wow" is it ever expensive! But I can tell you today that I would pay 2.5 times, even 3 times more for your humidifier compared to other humidifiers because it is an absolute bargain. Your product really does the job. It ran a full season perfectly and at my humidity level of choice. Thanks, Desert Spring, from our whole family."

DN, Whitby, Ontario

"I have purchased the Auto-Flush™3 unit, and I am pleased that is has been already shipped. I expect its installation to be as easy as the humidifier itself. It is a great relief to know that I will never have to get my hands soaked in corrosive humidifier water again."

DP, Illinois

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your humidifier. Installing the Desert Springs humidifier was one of the very few weekend projects I've done that everything went perfectly, that [doesn’t] happen very often. Thanks for a great product."

E, Kansas City, MO

"I just wanted to let you know the outcome of my installing the DS-3200 humidifier in my home. It replaced a flow through humidifier that I haven't used for several years for many reasons.One, the flow through ran more water through it than I benefited from for humidity. We have to pay for every gallon of water used as if it went through the sewer system or not and obviously this did at a VERY COSTLY RATE.

Secondly, even with all the water used the best I could get out of it was 18 to 20 percent humidity. With your unit I have no trouble maintaining 40 percent and at a fraction of the cost.

I had been using a floor unit the past few years which actually kept humidity levels where I wanted them but was noisy (from the fan running) and you had to continually fill the unit by hand twice a day.

Anyway, thank you for developing such a great product."

Ellettsville, IN

"Just want you to know how very happy I am with your Desert Spring Humidifier. I have never had a humidifier that produces the humidity as the humidistat demands. I installed the DS 3200 last summer on my forced air heating system, so I have had it going for one season now. With the humidistat mounted on the return air duct I have been able to control the humidity in the house between 30 and 50%, as the outside temperature changes, just like you control the heat with the thermostat, that close. I will recommend this humidifier to anybody I have a chance to. I also have the Auto-Flush unit with it."

Penticton, BC

"We were looking for a green-machine, which would also be easy to maintain & very cheap to run, something only Desert Spring was able to satisfy.

The plastic rotary discs are a smart design to improve humidification efficiency, and along with the Auto-Flush system, it eliminates the need for user maintenance. I would highly recommend this product, because it requires minimal maintenance, requires 4-watts of electricity to run, and reduces water consumption due to its unique evaporation & Auto-Flush system. It was also very easy to install!"

Brampton, ON

"I wanted to let you know what a great product you have. I received my Humidifiers last Friday. Saturday I decided to put one in. I watched the DVD you sent. It was awesome. The only thing I wish it included was how to wire the unit inline with the furnace so it will work only when it is on. My installation went perfect. It took me about an hour once I had all of the parts and tools. My installation was very complicated since my furnace is not normal. It is in a crawl space in the basement. It lies on its side. But the principals that you taught me in the DVD still worked. You have a great product and I hope you are very successful."


"I bought your unit in late fall of 2005. Purchased it at Lowes, and it made my Wisconsin winter much more comfortable and far more pleasant in that I didn't have to constantly refill the Warm Mist units that I used for many years.

Thank you for making a excellent product."


"It has really made a difference in our home!! I don't know why I didn't do this years earlier. My kids don't have the nosebleeds they used to, and don't itch all over like I usually do every winter. The service I received, including the fast shipping, was top notch, and the high quality of the product was a nice change from some of the junk that's out there...

It was probably $100 more than the next most expensive humidifier I was looking at from Sears, but I wouldn't hesitate to spend the extra money again. Thanks for a great product!"

Highland, Utah

"I felt this unit was far superior to anything else available. It is easily maintained, very efficient, cleaner and thoughtfully designed. It was a pleasure to throw the old humidifier in the trash."

Madison Heights, Michigan

"My house had very dry air, usually around 20% humidity. After one day it is at 32% humidity."

Batesville, Indiana

"Thank you for writing me back. We had Du-More (I think that is their name) install the humidifier yesterday. They were EXCELLENT! We liked them so much we had them do a little extra work for us while they were there. Today was the first day I didn't shock my cat when I tried to pet him! The humidifier is working great and we love it. Thank you again for taking the time to find such capable professionals to install your product for me. My husband and I are just thrilled.

In this day in age, it is such a pleasure to find such a great company that values their customers. Thank you for the awesome customer service."


"Thanks! Bought it. Installed it. Love it. Great design. Puts April Aire to shame. Wish I knew about it for my last house...and parents house. Thanks again."

Anon, submitted by email

"I bought and installed your humidifier on my furnace late last summer. In the previous 10 years, I had installed 4 different humidifiers and replaced 100s of pads. I had to replace pads every month, because they were completely clogged. I tried feeding these humidifiers with both hard water, and soft water, each fouled the pads.

I was apprehensive when I ordered your humidifier. When I received it, I was very impressed with the quality and design. Installation was easy, and it has run without maintenance for 4 months, and still looks new. I also installed and highly recommend the Auto-Flush™3 unit, which I am convinced has a lot to do with how clean the humidifier still is. In actual operation, the house remains very comfortable, and there has yet to be a single electrical spark shooting out of anyone's finger.

I am a very happy customer who highly recommends this product."

D, from New Hampshire

"In Calgary at 3500 ft elevation the dry air is murder. Your product is the first furnace installed humidifier that has provided enough moisture for a comfort level."

E, Calgary, AB

"I really enjoy how easy your product is to clean. Just lift out wash off and flush out and done. I have very hard water and other units just did not work from year to year. I do not treat my water."

Dr. S.W. , Syracuse, NY

“Just wanted to let you know that in all the years I have had humidifiers in my house, the Desert Spring is the best one I have had yet. Humidity levels are where I want them to be regardless how it got outside. My wife noticed it as well.”

HG, Brampton ON

"Just a note, it is another winter season here in MN and the Desert Spring Humidifier is working PERFECTLY. In my opinion it is the only humidifier that works. The AutoFlush feature is an added bonus, keeping the unit clean. I am one VERY satisfied customer. Best Regards"

JN, Lakefield, MN

“Thank you for your prompt service. I received the motor kit for the humidifier and it works great, the humidity was 12%, now I have it 33%. Thank you again and I will recommend your products. I will be buying one for my parents’ house. They do not have a whole house humidifier and buy room humidifiers for several rooms and it is getting hard for them to keep filling them every day. If anyone want to know how well your products works and how easy the maintenance is, I will gladly let them know about product and the great service I received.”

CM, Unadilla, NY